Daniel SChultz, Esq

Actively engaged in the republican party

Created by a citizen who believes each conservative American’s top priority should be active engagement as a precinct committeeman in the political Party our Founders and Framers would be members of if they were alive now: The Republican Party. I am an American first, a conservative second and a Republican precinct committeeman by necessity to secure the Blessings of Liberty to myself and my posterity.

A Quick Bio

Dan Schultz, Esq.

Dan Schultz, Esq., has been a leading force for change in the Republican Party for many years. As an elected Arizona Republican Party Precinct Committeeman and state committeeman, a veteran, an attorney, and an author, Mr. Schultz has over ten years of “in the trenches” experience in all aspects of political party governance, and campaigns for both political party and political office candidates. You can find his book, “How to Get Into the Real Ball Game of Politics Where You Live to Help President Donald J. Trump Make America Great Again” here.