Precinct Committeeman: Most Powerful Office in the World!

Dan Schultz
Precinct Committeeman
Dan Schultz, Esq., has been a leading force for change in the Republican Party for many years. As an elected Arizona Republican Party Precinct Committeeman and state committeeman, a veteran, an attorney, and an author
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Want to motivate the wimpy Republicans-In-Name-Only to start following the Constitution? Want better conservative Republican Party candidates with a chance to win the primary and general elections? Then volunteer IMMEDIATELY to become a Republican Party precinct committeeman. Precinct committeemen elect the leadership within the Party and vote to endorse the Republicans in the primaries. The more conservatives in the precinct committeemen ranks, the more conservative the leadership and the primary winners will be.

Here’s a typical example of the situation: Maricopa County, Arizona. Includes Phoenix. As of May, 2019, about 7,000 precinct committeeman slots existed in Maricopa County for the approximately 813,000 registered Republican voters. Only about 3,100 of the slots are filled, and there’s about a 50-50 split in the ranks between conservatives and moderates. Of the approximately 2,700 elected precinct committeemen, only about 1,400 showed up at the Maricopa County Republican Party Convention this spring of 2019 in person or by proxy to elect the leadership and vote on party resolutions and bylaws changes. ONLY about 1,400 Republicans OUT OF approximately 813,000 registered Republicans were, on that day, “the Republican Party.” Want to be one of them? Knowing what you know now, why wouldn’t you want to be one? If we conservatives could fill just 1,000 of the approximately 4,000 vacancies, we’d have a solid 2 to 1 ratio of conservatives to moderates. Better? Fill up ALL of the vacant slots with conservatives!

Nationwide, about half of the approximately 400,000 precinct committeemen slots in the Party are open. We could cause a conservative revolution if we could get conservatives to fill those open slots. The current Party leadership would be afraid the “new conservative blood” would throw them out in the next election. The incumbents would fear that the “new conservative blood” would endorse the best conservative challenger in the primary instead of endorsing them. The only fear that will motivate them is the fear of losing their jobs. Precinct committeemen are in the BEST position to make that happen. So, please, if you care about the future of your country, become a precinct committeeman. Now! Go here for some detailed information:

The Maricopa County GOP web site has a good explanation of the precinct committeeman position here (go to the Take Action drop down menu and then click on Be A PC).

Thank you,

Cold Warrior

I am only one. But I am a conservative Republican Party precinct committeeman and trying every way my feeble brain can think of to recruit more of them as fast as possible.

American first, conservative second, Republican precinct committeeman BY NECESSITY!

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  1. Thanks for encouraging this. In Illinois, look up

    The IL GOP and county websites don’t make it easy to find the relevant contacts to get involved. That could help to explain why there are so many vacancies, and so many election losses here. It’s like putting an exclusive social club up against a political machine which is determined to win and maintain power by any means.

    1. Bruce,
      Great job in Illinois. I’m going to send the link for your project to a precinct committeeman I know there.
      Keep up the good work!
      Cold Warrior

      1. I have successfully recruited 5 new PCs in Kendall County, Illinois since asking to be a PC myself a year ago. It is amazing how easy it is sometimes……I just had to ask fellow conservatives to help. I am looking forward to getting a lot more ideas from this group.

        1. Thanks for your effort Tom. I got involved roughly a year ago, and I can you that there are quite a few new PC’s here in Ela Township (Lake County). The attendance at our meetings is high, and the enthusiasm is strong.

  2. My name is Greg Zotta and I ran for the U.S. House of Representatives 3rd District of Missouri in 2008 because I saw the direction this country was headed. I lost in the primary because I did not have much help and I was not able to campaign like I wanted. I am still willing to run or do what it takes to stop this insanity that is occurring. I have a blog regarding my opinions and solutions to what is going on, it is Let me know what you think.

  3. I salute you Sir: Yes we can and will take our country back from the Communists now in control.
    Am in process of souping up a scooter (so I can get around a little faster) mounting a couple of machine guns, and extra holsters for my Glock, Walther and High Point 9mm (just kidding) I was there trying to undermine the Socialists attempt to take over Puerto Rico in the late 50’s and early 60’s I saw them use the same tactics Obama used and is using to consolidate power. I warned about this over a year ago on my blog site, in the article America In Peril Compiled by former USN Intelligence operative: Traces Obama’s relationship with his avowed Communist mentor Frank Marshal Davis, to his other radical connections. Explains how with the Executive Orders already in place (listed) when combined with the provisions of the Violent Crime control Act, with the stroke of a pen Obama could declare himself president for life. Also contains a 1984 video interview with former KGB agent Yuri Bezmenov who explains how America was demoralized, and the indoctrination process.

  4. Go get em Cold Warrior… I’m a PC in Volusia County Florida… the only way anyone can get on the ballot, is to get my vote. Now that’s DOING something. I agree with you.. it’s the ONLY we have control over who gets ellected. Not conservative. NO vote. No vote. No Ballot. Watch what happens to Crist, and all the RNC’s funding he has received. He will lose.


  5. I am a Republican precinct committeeman. For years I have been urging independents or unaffiliated voters to get involved, to show up at central committee meetings and become part of the process. Good luck with what you’re trying to do. We’ll see how it works. The proof will be in the pudding. First, independents have to show up and get involved. Thus far, at least as far as Tea Party types are concerned, all I’ve seen is a lot of enthusiasm but no action.

  6. I commend what you are doing, but I disagree with some of your information. I have been a PC since 1972. Both in Maricopa and Yavapai counties. Normally, the party does not endorce candidates in the primary elections. The Arizona State Chairman violated that rule in the 2008 election and caused a lot of bad blood in the party. As for the number of signatures required, in my precinct only two signatures were required in 2008. Check with county headquarters to be sure and extras are always recommended. The one point you made about the PC’s electing the party officials is probably the most inportant. We need conservative PC’s to elect conservative State, County and Legislative District officers. We have to motivate the conservative electorate.

  7. I would like you all to pay very close attention to what jeremihjj said above.

    he said “as far as Tea Party types are concerned, all I’ve seen is a lot of enthusiasm but no action.”
    we at are changing that! We are a non partisan group actively seeking, organizing, educating conservative constitutionally minded groups and individuals to ENGAGE in the political precess! If you are a Tea Party Member or a 912er, you have rallied, you have faxed, you have called, you have e-mailed and you have attended town hall meetings. And sadly as I sit here typing this, fox news in the background is telling me about the Health Care Debacle possibly passing in a 1:00 am vote on a Sunday night before Christmas. They are not listening to us! Well in Nevada they will listen, Because Tony Warren, one of ‘s leaders, has effectively taken over the republican party in Nevada. They will listen in Arkansas,Jacque Martin a Tea Party Organizer has organized Ark Tea Party groups and are working closely to a majority in Arkansas!

    People this is THE SILVER BULLET we have been seeking!

    sign up at and ENGAGE in the real battle! The battle that can be meaningful! Within the arena of Politics were the real decisions are made!

  8. Thanks Precinct Project and hopefully Mr. McKee for the motivation. I sent an email to my county chairman several months ago to which there was no reply. I then in a coincidental discussion with one of our corporate community relations officers confirmed that the contact information I had was correct. She hasn’t heard the last from me. National Precinct Alliance will now gain my attention as well. Next time the comments should reflect building momentum. Thanks, again.

  9. After becoming Chairman of my County, I realized we had no insructions on what Precinct Committee Members were required to do. I set out to write out a step-by-step instruction booklet based on what we had just gone through in the 2008 Election Cycle. It explains the entire party structure from the top down to the Precinct Committee Member. It is on-line on my county website at Feel free to copy, duplicate and use as you see fit. It is being modeled for use throughout our congressional District and has been sent to numerous County Chairmen. Feel free to email me with questions /comments at

    1. John,
      I beat you to it! It’s already on the list! Thanks for all you’ve done and are doing!
      Pray. Recruit. Repeat.
      Cold Warrior

      1. John gave us links to what he did, Cold Warrior would you do the same? I need the link for my emails. I’m being notified of comments. Thanks, Don In Hawaii.

        I love my country
        It’s the Government I’m afraid of.
        God Bless America

  10. Thanks for your response on Greta’s website. I am willing to do whatever is needed here, but live in possibly the most conservative county in the country and are blessed with many republican volunteers. I only hope the info I posted will help the conservatives, and not hurt any Rebuplicans too bad. All anyone has to do is point out the fact Nancy P. & Waxman either havn’t paid attention to insurance in their own state or that they were afraid that the pay-offs could be traced back to them or their influential friends. Good Luck & please let me know if I can be of any help Take Care.

  11. I registered to become a precinct chair. There hasn’t been one in my district for years. Assuming I am unopposed, I will be seated this month.

  12. Made the call to the local Republican party office today requesting information on how to become a Precinct Committeeman – waiting for a call back.

    1. Great! But don’t let more than a day go by. You have to be the “squeaky wheel” that gets the oil. The local Party may be short staffed or the ball might be dropped. Be proactive — make sure you get to someone and then get to the next local Party meeting.
      Thank you.
      Cold Warrior

  13. Utah has this same strategy going on and spreading statewide through 9/12, Tea Party, and other like minded groups. I’m glad to hear more action of this sort occurring nationwide. Each state has slightly different election rules, so as everybody is implementing their strategy just tweak it to fit it to the specifics of your state. The general strategy is the same however. Good luck to all. Be brave, be active, be organized.

  14. I am an independent, here is Arizona and will be re-registering to vote as a Republican to support JD Hayworth who is running against Senator John McCain for the US Senate in Arizona. We need to retire John McCain. JD Hayworth is a real concservative.JD’s websites are and Everyone in Arizona needs to get behind JD to make him our next real conservative senator.

    1. I hope you Arizonans do it. Retire that fat RINO McCain. Too bad you can’t take away his benefits too. He deserves not a thing.
      If I still lived in Phx, I’d be fighting for Hayworth. I have known of him since I was a kid when he was sportscaster. He seems to be the right kind of guy for the country.

  15. Well, I gave it my best shot. Since January 4, when I called the county chairman, (and I have emailed a half a dozen times too) I have received no calls, no emails, no nothing. Crickets. I guess they don’t care so neither do I. They can do it themselves. I have re-registered as an independent and will stay that way.
    Good luck with fixing the country. I have my family’s emergency supplies stocked up and we are ready for whatever happens. The way things look, we are gonna need ’em.

    1. I can relate. I’ve been a registered Republican voter for 40 years.

      This site inspired me, so I located my county GOP precinct website, and made a couple of polite calls. Upshot: they’re not looking for help (or grassroots participation).

      The precinct meets monthly in the clubhouse of the most exclusive country club in town for breakfast at 7:30 and requires an annual membership fee for entry… doesn’t include breakfast.

      The boss is also CEO of the regional monopoly ISP, and is roundly detested by every computer user wihin 50 miles. Their “members” are well-heeled RINO millionaires to a man; I know this — it’s a small town.

      Any suggestions?

      1. You got troubles, me too. Our chair on Maui refused to mention that Ron Paul won the caucus and the Maui News never mentioned Ron Paul’s name. Romney picture was on the front page instead. Now Waldon has weaseled his way into the official Tea Party of Maui, not that we ever made any official Tea Party. I went to one of the GOP meetings and was taken aside to be sure I would vote for Romney.

  16. I contacted the Cobb County (GA) GOP and will be serving as a Precinct Captain.

    Thank you for keeping this blog online. Your postings convinced me to take effective action.

    1. Ben,
      Thanks for getting into the real ball game of politics. Keep us posted on your progress.
      For Liberty,
      Cold Warrior

  17. Greetings Cold Warrior: I live in west Tempe near ASU. I want to get involved! Please contact me…Steven

  18. Cold Warrior: P.S…I live in a HOA townhouse community, so I have no ‘real’ property protection voting rights as a ‘real’ homeowner, and public citizen of the CITY of TEMPE. This is true, because I am subjected to the powers of 2 ‘evil corporations'[ha ha], the ‘puppet’ HOA Board, which is actually controlled by the ‘real estate services’ management company District Manager [DM]. The DM sits as the ‘real’ top power at ALL HOA Board meetings. The DM’s ‘fee’ is paid for by all the homeowners [i.e. we pay to be ruled over]. So, going to a board meeting to effect meaningful change is utterly pointless, unless the DM deems it be done. So, I quit the board, and going to board meetings. Now I email all my concerns about the property directly to the heads of the ‘real estate services’ management company, and also to the DM. This is the only way to keep the DM from ruling over us, and committing any misfeasance to try and subdue us into complicity with the DM’s will. I am sure you have heard similar stories…thanks, and again, I want to get involved in the local process!!!

  19. Sorry about sikupnfed getting no response. Being a Republican County Chair in AR, I’m looking for precinct people and can’t seem to get my people interested. Am going to use some of the materials from this great web-site to see if I can encourage them. Having only been in politics a short while, I’m finding that there is NO clear information…step by step to help me in comprehending the how, why and implementation of the PC movement. Will continue working on learning as it is apparent it may be the only way we save our country from destruction from the D.C. insiders.

  20. Thanks for this website. I followed the instructions on how to become a PC, and now I’m Chairman of my precinct. (All the positions were unfilled!) It was simple, fast, and the County Chairman was thrilled to get the help. I encourage every Constitution-loving conservative to go and do the same. Your country needs you!

    1. Thanks for the info! What state and county are you in, and is there a step-by-step, “how to become a precinct committeeman” guide online for your state and/or county? If so, can you point me to it so I can link to it?
      For Liberty,
      Cold Warrior

  21. Wow! I didn’t even know that there was a plan but you just described exactly what I did in Utah. Outraged Registered Independent switched to Republican at the caucus, elected precinct delegate, proud to be one more vote that helped to bag the RINO fixture known as Bob Bennett. It isn’t hard, just unfamiliar and confusing. Get out from behind the computer, persist and make a difference.
    It’s awesome.

    1. Lynn,
      Bravo to you! You did it the “old fashioned” way like I did — I knew I had to “do something” and decided the best way was to become a “card carrying member” of the Republican Party — a precinct committeeman — so I could at least try to change the direction of the leadership of the Party from within.

      I posted an article at about what you all achieved in Utah:

      Also posted one at

      Thank you for getting into the real ball game and making a difference!

      Cold Warrior

  22. Thank for getting this information out there! I was asked to be a Precinct Chair for my district in 2008 but declined because I was not yet ready. I did, howerver, volunteer to be a Poll Observer during that election. Man, was THAT an eye opener, lol.

    When I was asked again this year, this time I said YES. I took the Voter Vault Training for NC and ready to go. I was invited to our Primary as a delegate but broke my shoulder and was not able to attend this time. I’m not real happy with some of the results but we’re stuck with them I guess.

    When I received my Precinct Chair Training Manual…I was ummm surprised to say the least. There was NOTHING in it about boots on the ground BEFORE the election. It only discussed all the ins and outs of the election location and voting equipment. I searched and found a DEMOCRAT manual for Precinct Training and have been working off of that, lol.

    Again….THANK YOU!

    1. Barb,
      Thanks for getting into the real ball game of politics! Recruit as many other conservatives you can to follow in your footsteps.
      For Liberty,
      Cold Warrior

  23. While there are a few points you made I don’t totally agree with, overall this was a very educational and I have added your feed to my google reader. Thank you for posting this

  24. I have to echo the comments made by HeadEmUp&MoveEmOut!on 26 Apr 2010.

    With little pain/effort on my part, I have become a PC in Santa Rosa County, FL.

    I intend to ‘preach the message’ to the two Tea Party groups that I am associated with.

    Bless you for showing the way.

  25. I am a new PC in Arizona. The reason that I went to the trouble to get on the ballot is that I found out that some Precinct Committee Chairmen are employed by John McCain!! Please ask your PC Chair if he is employed by the McCain organization.

  26. I live overseas but am a voter in SC. So I can’t become a Precinct Committee Chairman, but I love the idea. I think Redstate, or Heritage Action or Freedom works (or all 3) should promote this idea and use your training steps!

  27. Terrific work! That is the type of info that are supposed
    to be shared around the net. Disgrace on the search engines for now not positioning this post higher!
    Come on over and visit my web site . Thanks =)

  28. Better late (to the party) than never, right? I originally registered unaffiliated here in Idaho, but changed it to the Republican party to I can vote in state primaries. I’m supporting Russ Fulcher to oust Butch Otter in Idaho, and when I saw there’s a RiNO in my precinct tonight, I decided to sign up. I’m in a recently redistricted area that lumps me in with many more blue voters. So hopefully I can effect some change here. Fingers crossed.

  29.   The game is on. Missourian’s have till March 25th, 2014 to file to be on the ballot.  Uncontested seats automatically win. About 50%  are uncontested.  You have to have a notarized affidavit proving county tax payment. Your county has it on the web. This is the game plan: . This is Missouri Project Precinct is here: . We need committeeman recruiters and constitutional  vetters. Smart Phone users can get a very effective app at: for federals. This organization is developing the same type of app to follow your state .  Follow us on twitter #MOPP or #USPP.

  30. Term Limits not the solution. Taking Central Committee Seats is.

    “We have term limits, it’s called an election. If I have a congressman who I think is doing a great job, I should be able to keep him as long as he/she is working for the people. We have become lazy in our duty to be educated on issues and voting records. Term limits perpetuates that laziness!” I agree.

    “I agree, voter apathy is not a reason to deny my right to vote for a candidate Who is doing a good job. I would prefer the rhetoric be changed from limiting terms to voting the bad people out!” Ditto!

    We have the power to primary them. Let’s USE it.

    Our Founding Fathers didn’t embed term limits in the founding documents . They thought about that and said no.

    If you are not on your county central committee then there lies the problem. At that level YOU have the ability to throw the bad apples out and keep the good ones.

    The power has been skewed by constitutionalist not being on county central committees, not signing up to be election judges, allowing unelected bureaucrats free reign creating rules, regulations, fines, fees, and licenses at all levels of government . The power has been skewed by bread and circuses, leftist taking over the media, institutions of higher learning spewing statist propaganda, and a fiat money supply spending us into slavery. Unconstitutional bureaucrats, politicians and appointed seats on health boards, school boards, development boards and even your city council can all be replaced not by term limits but by getting on the county central committee and recruiting constitutionalists to represent and protect us.

    Read up on the most powerful office in the land. It is the county committee person. Study it and you will see how you can keep misbehaving politicians in line. In that position your committee is the lynchpin of power if you will use it. If you really want term limits then do that to unelected bureaucrats who flex more power than politicians.

    After you read this, tell me why primaring them through the central committee is not more effective than term limits. .

    Term limits insures we have clueless newbies learning the system while entrenched bureaucrats actually make and in force laws. Term limit unelected career bureaucrats and I am on your side. A county central committee which is doing it’s job can at the very least cost misbehaving politicians a lot of money through letters of censure, public shaming, and supporting opponents in the primary.

    Tell me how a Senator or Congress Person runs for office if several central committees publically denounce them and support someone else. They can’t . If the people are lucky enough to elect a true statesman that learns to battle bureaucrats and the administration
    and moves the ball down the court I don’t want them term limited out.

    Missouri has a newbie want to be governor who is clearly and Democrat in Republican clothing. He even has YouTube videos doing speeches about global warming. He has not passed the vetting of the county central committees so he will not win even though he is well financed, has slick ads, and a bunch of volunteers.

    Here is how the political system works. .

    By you and your friends not being on your county central committee that is the problem term limits won’t fix.

    The county committee with you and like minded friends is the lynchpin of power. . Study this .

    If you think term limiting congress is the answer it is not. We have out of control School Boards that are creating free speech zones at their polling places on Public School Property, pushing God out of schools and no longer pledging allegiance to the flag. We have planning and zoning departments using fines, fees, licenses, building condemnation and eminent domain to shut down law abiding businesses. Police use asset forfeiture to fund their departments. Term limits don’t fix that. Taking over central committees with statesmen constitutionalists will. GO down this rabbit hole. .

    It just takes two. To affect change in your county central committee all you need is one person to make a motion and one person to second it. You then force public discussion and debate. The goal is to have three people one of which is the chairman. Really knowing roberts rules of order super charges your abilities to get things done.

    Term limits is a knee jerk reaction to a problem we already have a solution for. It is like Washington DC throwing money at a problem and it has the unintended consequences. Kicking the good people out is just one consequence. Since bureaucrats are unelected they should be term limited. They should be fired when they violate the constitution. The answer is to get involved, learn how the system actually works, you be the solution you are asking for.

    Here are the steps :

    Here is a resource to win our country back:

  31. Hello, Thank you for your time in creating this resiurce. What you do not cover and for some reason your commenters did not mention it, and perhaps if i dont see my comment ir will be clear this is a site based on falsehood. So here goes;
    The election was STOLEN! Many places had ample republican observers, they were demeaned, demoralised and debased and feckless leaders on both sides let it happen, so many instances of Massive Electoral fraud no amount of precinct people would help, in addition, these election scams, machines, ballots, booths, an entire industry has built up around stealing our vote. Billions of Taxpayer dollars have been stolen and used to enslave us in a UNIPARTY system. This is Communism and everybody should know it. It matters not who votes as long as They count the vote. Sadly history is replete with these horror shows, They will vote themselves in and good people if any are left, have to shoot their way out. History, how soon We the People forget.
    In these times Truth is the only and best option, history shows it also can get you killed, for Truth, in a communist dictatorship is always a revolutionary act. Better to die on ones feet than live on ones knees. God loves us!

    1. I recognize the election was stolen. Many of the “Republicans” we have allowed to be elected are not really Republicans. The Strategy is to have conservatives transform the Party into a solidly conservative Party with enough bodies to have all of the available poll watcher and poll worker position staffed by good, conservative Republicans, to elect as many good conservative to the public servant positions and to the Party committee officer positions. We have enough conservatives. We don’t have enough conservatives “in” our Party. If you are not in it, I hope you will get into it. Thank you. Dan

  32. I am in s Midwest State County w/ 100% GOP elected officials. They didn’t want Trump. They do not want Trump supporters. Ran them off. Rejected. Last 3 election cycles I have managed to work at the sessonal campaign distribution office, volunteering 25+ hrs. a week for duration of past 3 elections. They won’t engage with other conservative events (several Trump events, parades,etc) The meetings are not open, not monthly, nor told about in any manner. In secret. Few people as possible there. Committee people and Co. officers are hand picked by “someone” from as far away as 2 or 3 counties away! They do not want new people. They hand pick their GOP candidates some if whom are pure RINO, take $ en mass from Dems. = selling out. Reject who they choose to eliminate from running. There is no breaking through to be committee persons. Those are usually GOP office holders and or have been there forever. Even if you managed to get their ok to work in campaign office. Same ones running Co. GOP for yrs. Some have complained to State GOP with no response.

    IF you find similar situation, work at campaign distribution office and interact with voters. Answer questions. Have sample ballots. Voter registration forms and give info. County Clerk can supply them. Build a email mailing list by capturing names and contact information. Find a candidate and work with them. Just get involved with the process.

    1. Thanks! I updated the link. The VA Rep. Party establishment doesn’t want the “little people” to get educated.

  33. Dan thank you for collecting some great information for people. You may want to add the Saint Louis County Republican Central Committee link in your side bar.
    This site has all the township Republican clubs for the county that are not part of the city part of St Louis.

    So far I have reached out to my local township Republican Club Chairman and found the welcome and enthusiasm for new members a bit lacking. This is too important for me to become discouraged so I am going to keep trying. I think your advice to remain polite, calm and determined is great advice. I look forward to more information from your blog and will be linking to it from mine.

    1. Thank you. I am going to add the link now. Be careful — some committees are run by RINOs. Thanks again, Dan

  34. Hey! I’m from Portland, OR. We are a fairly blue city state that has a strong blue influence in the state overall. What kind of impact could someone have serving as a precinct committee person in a deeply blue area?

    1. Great impact. Increasing voter turnout of Republicans in a deeply blue area helps the state-wide office Republicans and the candidates for the U.S. House, Senate, and President.

  35. Hi Dan I called to apply in Ohio and was told I had to wait until an even year to pull an application. Does that seem fishy to you?

  36. I called to volunteer as PC and was told that in my county, William’s cty Ohio they are not meeting due to covid and that there us nothing to do right now. Please advise!

  37. Hi Dan, IL links are outdated and include U.S. Congress – Adam Kinzinger , we know how he turned out. I voted for Jeanne M. Ives in last election 2020 and she probably won but the dominion and smartmatic machines in my district 6 most likely gave it to the other party. Is there a grass roots initiative to petition for the removal of these machines and just go back to the old fashion paper ballot?

    1. Hi David, Thanks re the links. I’ve updated some. Please send me any good links you have for Illinois. Dan

    2. Thanks David. I have received some better IL links and have posted them. The Illinois Freedom Alliance is a good resource. If you can find any other good info on the net for Illinoians, please send them to me. Thanks, Dan

  38. Dan,

    We live in Butler County outside of Pittsburgh, PA. We want to get involved. I don’t see any contact person online. Can you help, please. You are doing an outstanding job and we want to jump onboard.

    Many thanks!

  39. My husband and I are now Precinct Captains in Missoula, Montana for the Hellgate 97 Precinct. I could not sit around any longer and complain about our situation without getting involved. I am also now running for the House Seat in District 98. We have to take America back at the local level.

    1. Thanks for getting into the fray! Please keep recruiting others to follow you leads.

  40. I contacted someone in my precinct about helping out and have not gotten a reply it’s been 3 weeks.

  41. I am in Burlington County, in Mount Laurel NJ 08054
    Would like to find out who to contact to be a Republican Committeeman in Burlington county, Mount Laurel, NJ

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